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Сделайте предложения отрицательными. 1)She lives in our town. 2)We study English.3)The nurse begins to take the patients

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    1) She doesn't live in our town. 2) We don't study English. 3) The nurse doesn't begin to take the patients temperature at 7 o'clock. 4) The doctor doesn't feel my pulse. 5) You don't look well. 6) My best friend isn't ill. 7) Her granny doesn't take medicine regularly. 8) He didn't go to the office on foot. 9) I didn't have a bad cough and a running nose. 10) A nurse didn't put him in bed. 11) Bill didn't take a tablet for a stomachache. 12) The students didn't help the doctors and nurses in the hospital. 13) She didn't meet me at the corner of the street.


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