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Заполните пропуски в предложениях подходящими по смыслу модальными глаголами. 1. The team is well-prepared. They ...

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    Ответ дан Терентьев Роман
    1. The team is well-prepared. They can take part in the coming championship. (will be able, can, could)
    2. n
    3. John had hurt his leg and wasn’t be able to walk. (can’t, Wasn’t be able mustn’t)
    4. n
    5. I had some free time yesterday so I could go skiing. (can, could, may)
    6. n
    7. May I participate in the school skiing race?— I am afraid you won’t be allowed because of your injury. (can, must, may)
    8. n
    9. All men aged between 18 and 40 in Russia can take up military and physical training. (needn’t, can, must)
    10. n
    11. You mustn’t sit there in your wet clothes, you’ll catch cold if you do. (can’t, mustn’t, must)
    12. n
    13. I couldn’t practice any more. It was getting late and I was to go. (am, was, can)
    14. n
    15. You are losing your physical condition, you should exercise daily. (can, should, are)
    16. n
    17. Why do I always have to buy souvenirs for the opponent team? (have, can, must)
    18. n
    19. Physical exercises can make your life more active. (can, must, may)
    20. n

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