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О любом острове или горе на английском для 5 класса

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     The island of Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is at a distance of 380 km from Egypt, 105 km from Syria and 75 km from Turkey. This island is third on a size in Mediterranean. The area of the island is 9251 square kilometers.
      Mountains make up the main relief of the island. The highest peak of the island is mount Olympus. Behind the mountains is the plain of Mesaoria. The plain has fertile soil. Agriculture is developed here.
      The climate in Cyprus is subtropical. Summer is hot, and winter is relatively rainy. Snow falls only in the mountains here. 
      Summer on the island of Cyprus is the best time for swimming and sunbathing. Many citizens of our country like to relax in Cyprus. They like the clear sea, a lot of sea entertainment and clean air. 


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