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My girlfriend and I are fond … comedies. There was an interesting film …, so we decided to go … the movies … Saturday.

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    My girlfriend and I are fond of comedies. There was an interesting film on, so we decided to go to the movies on Saturday. We agreed to meet at the entrance of the cinema at a quarter to 6. It was very cold and windy, as it often happens in winter. I was waiting for my girlfriend for a long time. At last I went inside and looked at the pictures of the famous actors on the walls. At 6 o’clock the film began but my girlfriend had not come. I remember that the film was about a bull-fighter. I was not interested in the plot of the film and soon got tired of it. Besides, I was thinking about my girlfriend. “Why didn’t she come in time? Was she late because of the show? Or has anything happened to her?” With these thoughts in my head I left the cinema. The next day I stayed in bed because I was ill. In the evening I found out that my girlfriend was ill too, for she had been waiting for me at the entrance of another cinema, which is in the same street.


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