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По английскому одежда зимы одежда весны одежда лета и одежда осени

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    Ответ дан Белякова Наталия

    Winter clothing are a coat, warm cap, warm shoes. I wear warm sweaters in winter. I wear a shirt in the winter as well. I wear two pairs of trousers in winter.
    Spring clothes are a jacket, a hat and trousers. I'm not wearing warm clothes in the spring. I wear warm clothes in the spring when it's cold. I like to wear a cap in spring.
    Summer clothes are shorts, a T-shirt, a cap and a sneaker. I wear light clothes in the summer. I dress the same clothes in house and in the street in the summer.
    The autumn clothes are a jacket, a hat, trousers. I dress in the autumn more warmly than in the spring. I sometimes wear not very warm clothes in the fall, because there is a warm period, but this period is not much.


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