• Present SimplePresent ProgressivePresent PerfectPresent Perfect ProgressiveЗадание:Составить по три предложения к каждому

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  • Present Simple

    1. My sister works at school.

    2. Mike doesn\'t speak English.

    3. Do they live in Rome?

    Present Progressive

    1. I am watching TV now.

    2.  Look! Nick isn\'t sleeping.

    3. What are you doing now?

    Present Perfect

    1.My mother has already cooked supper for us.

    2. We haven\'t written our homework.

    3. Have you bought new game? 

    Present Perfect Progressive

    1. My father has been building our house for four months.

    2. I haven\'t been eating eggs since my childhood.

    3. How long have you been reading this book?

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