Роб снова изучал мишину страничку ,но её поразил компьютёрный вирус,и некоторые слова отствуют.(надо вставить слова with

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My hobby is playing the game \"What?Where?When?\". It is a popular Russian game. Very clever people play it on TV. The rules are very simple. Six people answer questions. They\'ve got one minute for each question. Our school team is not on TV of course, but we are good for our age. I am in the team. Take a look. This is our captain. Her name is Dina. She is in class 9. She is good at Russian Literature and History. And this is our best player Andrey. He is in class 10. Andrey is very good at Mathematics and Physics. This is Andrey\'s friend Kate. She is good at foreign languages. And here are Nick and Denis. They are brothers. They are very talented. Their answers are sometimes surprising, but they are always right. I am friends with Nick and Denis. Nick is also in my class.

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