Английский язык
Английский язык - 1 день назад

1. choose the right variant: he thought that he ___ in a bank.a) workedb) workc) is workingd) workse) am working2. complete the sentence: please, clean … blackboard: a) theb) anc) ad) thosee) some3. fill in the blank: she reads …. books.a) manyb) littlec) muchd) everye) one4. choose the right variant…… do you live?a) whereb) whomc) whichd) whate) who5. complete the sentence:please, bring me … apples.a) someb) anybodyc) nothingd) someonee) one6. complete the sentence: we arrived … england last week.a) inb) onc) tod) fore) at7. choose the right variant : we … to ireland for our holidays last year.a) wentb) goingc) goesd) have gonee) go8. complete the sentence. the building … last year:a) was builtb) builtc) buildd) are buildinge) were built9. complete the sentence: i … be in time for work:a) mustb) canc) am able tod) maye) could10. choose the right variant: is that my key, or is it ?a) yoursb) the yoursc) the your’sd) are youe) your11. choose the right variant: what are you going to do ____ afternoon?a) thisb) hisc) itd) samee) its12. complete the sentence: we haven’t got … bread a) anyb) somec) the mored) noe) something13. choose the right variant: lion is the …. animala) strongestb) most strongc) as no strong as d) strongere) as strong as14. choose the right variant: we were ____ latea) terriblyb) terriblec) more terribled) much terriblee) terribler 15. choose the right variant: when i looked round the door, the baby … quietly a) was sleepingb) were sleepingc) are sleeping d) slepte) is sleeping16. complete the sentence: the tower of london … with the royal dynasties:a) is connectedb) connectedc) is connectingd) will connecte) connects17. choose the right variant: when i ____ home i met my brother.a) was goingb) gonec) god) goese) was gone18. complete the sentence: how long …. at the airport?a) have you workedb) does you workc) would you workd) you have workede) does you worked19. choose the right variant: he picked up the letter ____ on the floor.a) lyingb) lainc) having laind) laye) laid20. choose correct noun in plural form: a) dressesb) dresessc) dressend) dressise) dress21. complete the sentence: they … their english in the morning:a) haveb) has c) is havingd) have hade) was having22. choose the right variant: peter and ____ are students.a) ib) themc) himd) here) us23. choose the right variant: i couldn’t see ___ eyes because she was wearing dark glasses.a) herb) myc) theird) minee) his24. complete the sentence:… father is an architect.a) hisb) theyc) shed) use) hers25. complete the sentence: it costs four … dollars.a) hundredb) a hundredc) hundredsd) hundredsese) the hundred 

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