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Составьте мини диалоги What is the way to the theatre? What way did he go? Whom are you expecting? Who understands this

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    1. - Excuse me. Could you help me?
    - What's the problem?
    - I have lost my way. What is the way to the theatre?
    - It's not far from here. Walk along this street and near the post office turn to the right. You will see the theatre in few minutes.
    - Oh, thank you very much.
    2. I am looking for my brother. Have you seen him?
    - Oh, yes. I saw him five minutes ago.
    - What way did he go?
    - He was walking in the direction of the stadium.
    3. - You have prepared a nice cake.
    - It is for the guests.
    - Whom are you expecting?
    - Some friends of mine promised to come.
    4. - Who understands this rule.
    - I do.
    - Can you explain it to us?
    - Of course. It's rather easy.
    5. - I am going to bake an apple pie. Who will help me?
    - I will if only I do all my homework.