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Поставьте частицу to перед глаголом в скобках, где необходимо. 1. Would you (like) (come) in my car? 2. Before he let

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    Ответ дан Беляков Роман
    1. Would you like to come in my car?
    2. Before he let us go he made us promise not tell anyone what we had seen.
    3. As we seem to have missed the train we may as well go back to the house.
    4. I only did it because they made me do it.
    5. We expected her to be late.
    Частица to не употребляется после глаголов let и make, в сложном дополнении после глаголов восприятия see, feel, hear, notice, после модальных глаголов, после выражений I would rather.. You had better...