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    It is difficult to imagine the development of the modern society without a wide use of various means of communication. Nowadays television, radio, the Internet and mobile phones are the most popular tools of communication.

    Radio is one of the oldest means of communications, but it is still used by a lot of people today. By the way, it is the cheapest and the most accessible means of mass communication. That's why ships and airplanes are equipped with radio communication means. Today more common means of communication are television and the Internet. Everybody knows that these inventions give us an opportunity to quickly learn news. Moreover, the Internet is a cheap way to communicate with our friends from different corners of the world. The last and the most popular means of communication is a mobile phone. It allows us not only to make voice calls and send text messages, but also to access the Internet.

    To sum it up, there is a lot of means of communication. They make our life easy and comfortable. That’s why we should appreciate them and use them wisely.

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