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Complete the sentences, using the correct forms of the words. It's a 1__________ (marvel) idea for children to do some

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    It's a 1 MARVELLOUS idea for children to do some cooking at an early age. Generally 2 SPEAKING, most children can't wait to help in the kitchen and love getting involved in the 3 PREPARATION of their meals. Although the finished result may not be quite to your 4 LIKING, the young cook will undoubtedly find it quite the 5 TASTIEST food he or she has ever eaten. Kitchens can, of course, be 6 DANGEROUS places and so the absolute 7 IMPORTANCE of keeping an eye on children at all times cannot be emphasized too 8 HEAVILY. Sharp knives, for example, should be avoided until children are old enough to handle them 9 SAFELY.

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