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20 предложений с would (положит., отрицат., вопросит.), 10 предложений с need (положит., отрицат., вопросит.), используя

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    1. We would better find the key.

    2. She said Mike would do his homework when their mother had come home.

    3. Would you like some coffee?

    4. John said he would help me.

    5. She said Kate wouldn't discuss her friends.

    6. Would you close the window?

    7. We would clean my room, but we have no time.

    8. What would you like to do?

    9. I would rather translate it myself.

    10. They would better go home at once.

    11. He would sooner ring me up.

    12. Would you fix the door, please.

    13. Elizabeth knew everything would be ok.

    14. Jake informed me there would be nothing to do.

    15. It was clear they wouldn't go to the cinema.

    16. Everyone knew she wouldn't do it herself.

    17. The boy said he would try to catch a ball.

    18. Would you mind if I close the door.

    19. Everything would be all right she said.

    20. Would you like some tea?

    1. I need to do it myself.

    2. Do you need the pen?

    3. She needn't do the work in time.

    4. What do we need?

    5. She need me.

    6. My brother needn't any help.

    7. Nobody need trouble.

    8. The dish is awful. It needs some salt.

    9. He always need help.

    10. They needed you so much.

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