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Замените прилагательные в предложениях их антонимамив столбце 1.Bill is very tall. wide 2. Mary is quite thin. long 3.

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    1. Bill is very tall. - Bill is quite short.

    2. Mary is quite thin. - Mary is quite fat.

    3. My hands are dry. - My hands are wet.

    4. Why are you so sad? - Why are you so happy?

    5. He is an elderly man. - He is a young man.

    6. I know he is right about it. - I know he is wrong about it.

    7. This is a very narrow street. - This is a very wide street.

    8. The weather is getting warm. - The weather is getting cool.

    9. This water is too hot. - This water is too cold.

    10. They are the same. - They are different.

    11. It's a terrible day. - It's a wonderful day.

    12. He is going to be early today. - He is going to be late today.

    13. We took a short trip. - We took a long trip.

    14. When did you get that new car? - When did you get that old car?

    15. What is the quickest way to the hotel? - What is the slowest way to the hotel?

    16. I bought a secondhand car. - I bought a new car.

    17. That's a very small suitcase. - That's a very large suitcase.

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