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Вставьте артикль (a/an, the), где необходимо: 1. We needed __ house to stay in when we were in London 2. There are some

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    1. We needed a house to stay in when we were in London.
    2. There are some things a gentleman can`t do.
    3. He told her he hated doctors.
    4. She was drinking a glass of orange juice.
    5. In the cupboard there were boxes of sugar.
    6. James asked for water and drank it thirstily.
    7. They are buying new furniture.
    8. In the morning I went as usual to school.
    9. The weather over the Baltic was said to be worsening every hour.
    10. He told me how he had discovered the statue, buried in the sand of the Sahara.
    11. She showed me the pictures taken in the Swiss Alps.

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