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1. A and B meet on the street. Write the conversation, putting the verbs into the correct form and adding all the other

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    A: Hello! What ARE you DOING here in Bristol?

    B: I'M STAYING AT my parents'.

    A: Oh, that’s nice. And how IS Cardiff? DO you like it there?

    B: Oh yes. It IS very nice town, but I sometimes miss SEEING my friends in Bristol.

    A: And what about the job?

    B: Oh, that IS very good. It IS a lot more interesting THAN my last job.

    A: Good.

    B: Yes. So I definitely want TO stay IN Cardiff. Oh, and I AM LEARNING TO DRIVE now too. But there IS one problem. I HAVEN'T got A car.

    A: WHY DON'T you BUY one?

    B: Well, I can’t. I HAVEN'T got FREE money, because I AM SPENDING it all on driving lessons at the moment.

    A: Oh well. Never mind.

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