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Put in some, any, no, every, or their compounds. 1. Is there ___ meat in the fridge? 2. There isn't ___ fish, ether.

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    1. Is there any meat in the fridge?

    2. There isn't any fish, either.

    3. Can I have some coffee, please?

    4. Take any book you would like to read.

    5. She said something but I didn't understand it.

    6. He went to the shop but he didn't buy anything.

    7. There isn't anything in the box. It's empty.

    8. I can do this job alone. I don't need anybody to help me.

    9. I'm looking for my keys. Has anybody seen them?

    10. They've got some cheese but they haven't got any bread.

    11. There is nobody in the yard. (Во дворе никого.) или There is somebody in the yard. (Во дворе кто-то есть.)

    12. He hasn't got any eggs to make an omelette.

    13. I heard a noise. There is something in the cupboard.

    14. Somebody is sitting at the train station, waiting for a train.

    15. Nobody knows anything about her concert.

    16. There was somebody selling tickets near the hall.

    17. Is anybody in the room?

    18. He hasn't given me anything I asked for.

    19. I walk with my friend's dog every Sunday.

    20. Every student has to obey school regulations.

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