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Переделайте конструкцию активного залога в пассивную, употребив глагол в соответствующей форме. 1. What did they say

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    1. What did they say about the exam? What was the exam said about?
    2. They haven't found a way out yet. A way out has not been found by them yet.
    3. Why did they conceal the truth? Why was the truth concealed by them?
    4. My brother is still repairing his car. His car is still being repaired by my brother.
    5. It turned out that Mary had organized a new show. It turned out that a new show had been organized by Mary.
    6. I won't leave such important documents at the office. Such important documents won't be left by me at the office.
    7. How many times has she used the mincer since she bought it? How many times has the mincer been used by her since she bought it?
    8. Did you know that they were watching you? Did you know that you were being watched by them?
    9. My daughter breaks something every time she washes the dishes. Something is broken every time when my daughter washes the dishes.
    10. She didn't make the children help her in the garden. The children were not made to help her in the garden.

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