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Change these sentences so that you could use the phrasal verbs: to pick at, to pick on, to pick out, to pick up. 1. Children

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    To pick at — придираться, неохотно есть.

    To pick on — приставать, дразнить.

    To pick out — выбрать, разобрать (понимать).

    To pick up — поднять, забрать, заехать.

    1. Children easily pick up new words.

    2. Will you help me to pick out a dress for the New Year party?

    3. I think Alec hates me: he is constantly picking on me.

    4. I can pick you up on the corner of the road at 6.30.

    5. Jane always eats very little and pick at food. I'm rather worried about her.

    6. You can pick your suitcase up from the hotel on your way to the airport.

    7. The film director held a casting and picked out a young actor for a part in his new film.

    8. He bent down and picked up the newspaper from the floor.

    9. Stop picking at me!

    10. All the pictures were wonderful. It was so difficult to pick out the best.

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