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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1) It was __________ the whole day yesterday.(

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    1. It was raining the whole day yesterday. (Past Continuous, т.к. whole day yesterday).

    2. What will the weather be like tomorrow? (Future Simple, т.к. tomorrow).

    3. Could you look after my luggage? (Present Simple, "сould" - обозначает более мягкую форму просьбы).

    4. Pete wrote his essay last night. (Past Simple, т.к. last night).

    5. Sam fed his pet and left home at 7 yesterday. (Past Simple, т.к. yesterday).

    Present Simple - обозначает, что действие происходит постоянно, оно повторяющееся. Образуется при помощи глагола без частицы to, в 3 лице к глаголу добавляется окончание -s. Вопрос задается при помощи Do и Does соответственно.

    1. 1) Sam drives to his office.

    2. 2) My mother has cheese for breakfast.

    3. 3) Emma does not speak English.

    4. 4) Tom enjoys evenings at home.

    5. 5) She rides a bike.

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