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Fill in the blanks with must or had (to). When 1 asked him why he was so late, he told me that he had missed an earlier

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    Выбрать какой глагол поставить must или had to очень легко, так как они имеют немного разные значения. Глагол must - обозначает "должен" (это обязательно и категорично). А глагол had to - "пришлось" (так как не было другого выбора, ничего не оставалось делать как..).

    1. When I asked him why he was so late, he told me that he had missed an earlier train and had to wait for another one.

    2. The man warned us that the place was dangerous to bathe in and we had to look for a safer spot.

    3. His wife kept telling him that he must not sit up so late.

    4. The doctor told him he must give up smoking, as it might be ruinous to his lungs.

    5. The father said to the children that they must be careful while crossing the street.

    6. The bus was not going that direction, so he had to change.

    7. It was not that the work had to be finished soon, but we ourselves wanted to be through with it as soon as possible.

    8. I had no special desire to do it, but as I felt it must be done this way or another, I started on it, though reluctantly.

    9. I saw that I must speak louder to make myself heard.

    10. Telling himself that he must control himself, he did not answer anything.

    11. Martin knew that he had to stand up to be introduced.

    12. For a moment she felt her heart must break.

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