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Refer the following to the past. Make all the necessary changes. 1. It is getting pretty late. I must leave, or I shall

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    1. It was getting pretty late. I had to leave, or I should be late for the last bus. 2. This was getting too far; I felt I had to do something before it was too late. 3. It couldn’t go on like this any longer. It had to blow up sooner or later. 4. I knew it was a secret and I had to keep it. 5. He was trying to explain why the measures he proposed had to be resorted to if we wanted to save the situation. 6. He did not understand why such urgent measures as had been taken must be resorted to even in the face of the situation. 7. It was impossible to change anything. One had to take things as they were. 8. I did not agree with him that one had to always take things as they were without trying to change them. 9. Did you realize that you had not to mention it to anybody?

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