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Translate into English using the verb to have in its modal meaning, 1. Мне сейчас приходится много работать, так как

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    1. I have to work hard now because I was ill and now lag behind the group.

    2. You'll have to speak to him in person.

    3. We had to wait for the rain to stop at the station.

    4. I had to apologize although it was very unpleasant for me.

    5. The book has to be bound, otherwise some pages can be lost.

    6. You have to get up very early, haven't you?

    7. He had to make a comment on you, hadn't he?

    8. He didn't have to pass the entry exams.

    9. We didn't have to lead them to the hotel. They knew the way well.

    10. The work has to be done today.

    11. He said that you had to go there along.

    12. The whole page had to be retyped due to the one misprint.

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