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Выбрать past simple or past continuous. &1 Emma1)...(turn) around and 2)...(see) a shadow on the wall. She3)...(know)

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    Ответ дан Макаров Валентин

    Необходимо раскрыть скобки, поставив глагол в правильной форме:


    1 Emma 1) turned around and 2) saw a shadow on the wall. She 3) knew then the ghost of Seaton Castle 4) was watching them! 2 I 1) was on the mountain with my friends and we were having a lovely time because the snow 4) was perfect for skiing. Unfortunately the sun 5) was shining on the snow, so it 6) was difficult to see. Suddenly, I 7) hit a rock and I 8) fell over. Luckily I 9) wasn`t seriously hurt - I just 10) got a few bruises.


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