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Write one word in each gap to complete the article. In Cowny, which is one of the prettiest and 1........... popular

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    In Cowny, which is one of the prettiest and (1) most popular tourist towns in North Wales, you can find (2) the smallest house in Great Britain. The house is only about two metres wide. In fact, it's only (3) as big (4) as a small bus. There's hardly any furniture and it wouldn't be comfortable (5) enough for most people to live in. Surprisingly, its last owner, Robert Jones, was 1.9 metres tall! He couldn't stand up in the rooms because he was (6) too tall, and the ceilings weren't high (7) enough. Conwy is also famous for its thirteenth-century castle, which is older (8) than the town itself. There are two bridges near the castle - a suspension bridge, built in 1826, and a (9) quite modern railway bridge.


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