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Вставьте в пропуски already, ever, yet, just по смыслу в данных предложениях. 1. Have you … been to South Africa? 2.

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    1. Have you ever been to South Africa? 2. Have you just finished writing your essay or did you finish it earlier? — I haven’t finished it yet. 3. Shall I pay the waiter? — No, I‘ve already paid the bill. 4. Have you ever spoken to a famous person? 5. Ann, lay the table. I’ve already cooked dinner. 6. They don’t know what the problem is. They have just arrived. 7. Is it a good film? — Yes, it’s the best I have ever seen. 8. The post hasn’t come yet. 9. She has already explained the situation to me. 10. He hasn’t invited me to the party yet. 11. Nobody has found the lost city of Atlantis yet.


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