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Match the words with their definitions. 1. anxiety 2. self-respect 3.subtle 4.contagious 5.transpire 6.Loneliness 7.frustrated

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    1. anxiety        b) an uncomfortable feeling in the mind caused by the fear or expectation that something bad will happen;
    2. self-respect  f) proper respect for oneself;
    3. subtle           e) delicate, not easy to notice, understand or explain;
    4. contagious   h) that can be passed from one person to another;
    5. transpire       g) become known,happen;
    6. loneliness     d) a feeling of being alone,without friends;
    7. frustrated     a) having feeling of disappointment or dissatisfaction;
    8. fail                c) not to do what is expected,wanted or needed; 


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