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Тема времена Раскрыть скобки употребляя глаголы в Future Continuous, Present Continuous, Future Simple или поставьте

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    1. At 5 o'clock tomorrow he will be working.
    2. He can't come at noon tomorrow because he will be giving a lesson at that time.
    3. She will be reading an interesting book the whole evening tomorrow.
    4. At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning he will be talking to his friend.
    5. You will recognise her when you see her. She will be wearing a yellow hat.
    6. He is having a party on Saturday 4th December in London at 10 pm.
    7. In the next days you will visit famous sights.  
    8. Jeanne and Paul are moving to London next month. 
    9. Leave the washing-up. — I will do it later.
    10. This time tomorrow I will be lying on the beach.
    11. Look out! You will spill your tea!


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