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Переведите предложения по правилам: 1.Она сказала что по субботам и Воскресеньям они уезжают за город, 2. Когда она вошла

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    Ответ дан Вера Владимирова

    1. She said that they went out of town on Saturdays and Sundays. 2. When she entered (the room) she was asked how old she was and where she lived. 3. They found out that they studied in the same school. 4. He said that his car had broken down and he had come with a taxi. 5. He was asked if he knew that man? He said he had never seen him. 6. The secretary said that as soon as the boss came she would tell me. 7. She explained that she had not bought that dress because it had been cheap. 8. Mist Vul promised that he would drop into our place as soon as he could. 9. Do you think whether he will keep his promise? 10. We were confident that he would win the elections. 11. We wanted to know what had happened to Anne. 12. He assured us that we should not worry. 13. I said that I couldn't come the following day. 14. He said that on Sunday he would fix the car if his son helped him. 15. I thought you had said you knew him well. 16. The teacher asked the children what they knew about pets?


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