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Написать доклад по английскому про национальную кухню англии

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    The UK cuisine looks quite simple. The British focus on the quality of products, not on the complexity of recipes. Sauces and seasonings of traditional British cooking are also relatively simple and are used to emphasize the natural taste of food rather than change it. But there are many famous and delicious national dishes. Here are some of them:
    "Fish and chips" is the most popular and famous English food. It is even called an unofficial national dish.
    Well-known in England, "Steak and kidney pudding" is made from chopped beef chops and pieces of sheep or pork kidneys and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.
    "Oxtail soup" is a real classic of traditional English national cuisine. It is quite fatty and definitely worth trying. Today this dish is so popular in England that it is produced in canned food and sold in almost every store.
    "Chicken tikka masala" - is, perhaps, the most popular dish in modern England. Chicken tikka masala is a small pieces of chicken. Before serving they are immersed in the sauce "masala", consisting of tomatoes, cream, curry and other spices .
    "Sunday roast" is a famous English dish, which is served in a complex with several components. The main component – baked meat, most often-chicken or lamb, but also popular beef, pork, duck and Turkey. For the British, Sunday roast is more than just a typical and famous Sunday meal. This is a tradition that has been honored in the country since the 18-th century. 


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