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Проверьте правильность текста, и если что исправте ошибки Dear Kate? How are you? I have not heard you for ages. I have

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    Dear Kate,
    How are you? I haven’t heard from you for ages. I have just returned from an exhibition of artworks held in Kharkiv gallery. I must say that I'm really impressed. The artworks which were exhibited there were very famous. This exhibition was seen by more than 2000 people. The paintings reflected a number of genres such as landscape, seascape, still life, portrait, religious painting and others. My favorite painting was «Revelation of Christ» by Vladimir Prokhorov. The first impression of this painting was as if I've met Jesus Christ himself face-to-face. At first it seems that you see a traditional icon, but then you notice that the Almighty gets more and more human traits. With the eyes wide open he looks into your soul. Well, it is impossible to express my impressions with words. You must come and see it.


    See you soon.


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