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Complete the dialogue.then read it.Mum:Hello,dear!

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    Mum: Hello, Dear!
    Son: Hello, mum! What`s for dinner?
    Mum: Unfortunately, I didn`t have time to prepare anything. But we can order the pizza you don`t mind.
    Son: Well, it is great idea...
    Mum: Why are you so upset (sad)?
    Son: I must confess that I got a bad mark in exam today. I am so sorry. 
    Mum: Oh, Geremy! Getting good marks is not the most important thing in our life. Don`t worry about it.
    Son: But what should I do now? That mark was so important for my grades in the certificate!
    Mum: You can ask him for passing that exam once more. But don`t be nervous about it if you don`t want to get a sickness.
    Son: Yes, you are right. Thank you for helping me, mum.




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