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Биография по англиски Sergei Yesenin

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    There are so many Russian writers and poets in our great literature, but not all of them have really famous recognition. I'd like to tell you about Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin, the great Russian poet. He was born on the 21-st of September, 1895 in the village of Konstantinovo, Ryazan province in a peasant family. He studied in different places, such as local school, parish school class, city people's University of Shanyavsky in Moscow. Yesenin's poems were first published in 1914. As for me, I remember his creative work as the glorification of Russian nature, landscapes, peasant Russia. His characteristic of Russian women is shown in many works. "Letter to mother" is really wonderful and sensual poem. Also Yesenin wrote for children. "Orphan", "Beggar",  the story "Yar", " The Tale of the shepherd Petya" are well-known works. His private life was unusual. He had some wives and children. But unfortunately died in loneliness. His death was also odd. He was found dead in the hotel "Angleterre", in December, 1925. I can say, that Sergey Yesenin was really son of his native country, showing its beauty, culture and simple people's life in his works.


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