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Напишите рассказ про Европу на английском

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    Ответ дан Федотова Саша

    Europe - one of the six parts of the world, is part of the continent of Eurasia, along with Asia. Despite the fact that it is reliably known that Europe is not the cradle of man, all the same, Europe is the birthplace of the modern world. After all, almost everything that we now have and how we live was born precisely in it. Europe is located north of the Equator. It is named in honor of the heroine of ancient Greek mythology. Europe is washed by two oceans (Arctic and Atlantic) and many seas (Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black, etc.). Conventionally, Europe is divided into five parts: Southern, Western, Northern, Central and Eastern. On the territory there are 43 countries. Another five countries are only partially located in Europe. The highest point in Europe is Elbrus.


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