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Напишите пожалуйста краткую биографию Джоан Боулинг на английском языке. И для уровня 4-го класса.

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    Joanne Rowling is a famous British writer. She born on 31st July in 1965 in Bristol. Joanne's childhood wasn't easy. School years were also difficult. At school her favorite subject was English. She didn't like Physical Training at school.After school she entered the High School, she studied French there. Joanne was a secretary, but she did not like her work. In 1991 she went to Portugal to teach English. Every morning and every evening she had free time and she wrote a book about Harry Potter. In her childhood she played with the children of the Potters. The Potters played a role in her life.nIn Portugal she met her future husband. In 1993 she had a daughter Jessica. But her marriage wasn't happy and soon she moved to Edinburgh alone with her daughter. In Scotland she got a grant. In 1994 she finished her first book "Harry Potter". The book brought her world popularity.