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АНГЛ.ЯЗ Проект Прогноз погоды 1) Выбрать период времени для прогноза моего региона ( Курск) 2) Написать прогноз ( на

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    Ответ дан Рогова Анна
    The weather in March in Kursk will be quite good for this period of time. In the beginning of the month it will be mostly cloudy, rainy and windy. The temperature in the beginning of March will be +3-7 degree over 0. In the middle of March will be mostly sunny, but sometimes cloudy. It is expected the fogs. The temperature will be varying from +7-9 to +10-12 degree over 0. In the end of March the temperature will be declined. it is expected +3-5 degree over 0 with a little snow or rain.